Will my furniture be like new?

No – furniture will have been used, Release uses a circular economy model, taking furniture that’s had its first life, we refresh it and makes it available as a sustainable furnishing alternative, therefore furniture will have signs of prior use. These will be within the limits of what is acceptable for Release having had the expert attention of the David Phillips refresh team.

Can I swap out pieces?

Our customers have the option to choose their items before buying or renting, therefore the choice of items can be customised at this point in the process. Once items are selected and delivered it is no longer possible to amend or swap items within a rental agreement and any return of purchased items would come under our returns policy. Should a customer wish to cancel or amend their delivery they should contact the customer services team who will discuss their options with them.

Why does my furniture look used?

Furniture used in Release will have been used elsewhere before it is made available within Release. Best efforts will be made to refresh a product so that it is as close to new as possible, however items will likely still have some signs of prior use, we like to think this gives them their own character and personality. All items are checked and signed off against the minimum standard for Release and whilst items are not brand new we ensure all items are still of a very high quality.

What happens if I damage my furniture?

We offer our customers the option to purchase a damage waiver at the start of their rental period, at a cost of one month’s rent, terms and conditions apply. If items are then subsequently damaged, you are not liable for the cost of replacing the item and a replacement item will be provided. If you have not purchased the damage waiver and an item is damaged no replacement will be offered and the cost of the item must continue to be paid for the remainder of the rental period. If a replacement is requested this can be provided at an additional cost to the original item.

Can I choose the pieces I want?

Yes! Our customer service team are on hand to ensure you get the furniture you want. They will walk through your requirements with you and provide a range of options for you to choose from if required. They will also be able to share imagery with you of the items selected so you can see exactly what you will receive. You’ll be able to see any signs of wear and tear to ensure you are happy with the quality of the items you’ll be receiving.

How long can I keep the furniture?

How long do you want them? Release allows you to tailor to your exact requirements. Our minimum rental period is 12 months; however, you can choose to return items earlier, but you will still be charged for the full 12-month period. At the end of 12 months or the term of your rental period you can choose to purchase the items for £1 or you can arrange collection of the items should you no longer need them or want to try some different items. We ask that you give us 2 weeks’ notice when requesting item collection so that we can plan our collection routes to be as efficient and sustainable as possible.

How does furniture rental work?

Each month you will pay a fee for each of the items you choose to rent, billed as one total. You will be able to decide what rental period you would like to have the items for (starting with a minimum 12 months). At the end of the rental period, you can request that the items are collected with no further cost, or you can choose to purchase the items for £1, perfect for your flexible lifestyle.

What’s the difference between buying and renting from you?

When you choose to rent items you are committing to a regular monthly payment. Our minimum rental period is 12 months, however you can choose to end this earlier, but you will still be liable for the cost of a 12 month rental. When you purchase the items, they are yours to keep with no further costs to pay. Renting gives you the flexibility of having the items for as long or short a period as you need without the hassle of what to do with them when you move, or no longer require them. However, if you’re looking for items over a longer period of time, or simply fall in love with them, then you have the option to make the items your own at a cost of £1 at the end of your rental period.

Can I buy pieces I’m already renting?

Absolutely, if you fall in love with the items and want to keep them forever then you can buy the items for just £1 at the end of your rental period.

Does Release furniture adhere to safety standards?

Yes – Release products have gone through rigorous testing to ensure they are fit for purpose. Should you have any questions during any point in your Release journey you can contact our customer services team to discuss.

How long does delivery take?

Delivery times depending on your proximity to our Release refurbishment centre. All efforts are made to delivery within 10 working days, and we will be in contact if it looks likely that the delivery will take longer. Customers will receive a notification of dispatch once items have left our warehouse.

How sustainable is Release?

Very! – Release works on a circular economy model, taking furniture that’s had one useful life already, before giving it a refresh and a new life as Release furniture. This means fewer items end up in landfill and fewer new items of furniture are created helping to reduce the carbon footprint

And should you return the items at the end of your rental period, should it still have life left in it, it will be refreshed again and made available for new Release customers.

If items have come to the end of their useful life and need to be disposed of, we have a zero to landfill policy so items are recycled where possible or used for things like biomass energy production.

Will you install my furniture?

We certainly will. Assembly and installation are included in the delivery cost by our expert team – we do the heavy lifting for you. We do ask that any restrictions to accessing the property, flights of stairs etc. are noted when placing the order to help our delivery teams come prepared.

What do I need to do on delivery day?

Open the front door and watch us do the hard work. Honestly – there isn’t much more for you to worry about. We ask that you make us aware ahead of the delivery day of any restrictions to access that might make it difficult or awkward for our installation team.

Where is my order?

Good question – if your order hasn’t arrived as expected, or you have questions or queries that can’t be answered from our website, give our customer services team a call and they’ll be happy to help.

What happens if something doesn’t fit?

Our customer services team will be able to provide the measurements of all our items and we suggest that you measure the spaces you’re looking to furnish before placing your order. We understand that even still sometimes things aren’t quite as expected and if this happens, please get in touch as soon as possible with our customer service team who will be happy to walk through options with you.

What happens if my tenancy ends early?

No problem – get in touch with the customer services team who can talk you through your options. It is possible to end a rental agreement early, but charges will apply.

What are the terms and conditions?

Please find a link here to our full terms and conditions.

Why do I have to order 2 dining chairs when I am purchasing?

For this to be as environmentally sustainable as possible, we have put in place some minimum order quantities to ensure the carbon footprint of our deliveries is matched to the number of items we’re delivering.

Why are some items not available?

You might notice that sometimes some categories of items (i.e., beds) are missing. The furniture available within Release is driven by the items of furniture we remove from BTR developments and a other sources such as ex show home furniture. Items available within Release are made available on a first come first serve basis and if we do not remove or receive any of a particular item from our furniture sources they will not be available within the programme.

Why are there no mattresses available?

We do not offer mattress within Release for hygiene reasons. Our sister company David Phillips does offer mattresses for sale across a wide spectrum of costs, if any items are not currently available/in stock, please contact our team as we may have some items available from David Phillips which we can make available. You can check out the David Phillips website here.

What if I want brand new furniture?

We can help with that too – visit our sister company David Phillips which is able to offer a range of new furniture items for you to select from.


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